Our Approach

The Tale of Hamelin gives a crucial insight – while anyone can play the flute,
it is the knowledge of the tune that makes the difference.

In the old German tale of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’, the piper finds a way to lead all the rats out of the city by playing a flute so seductively that they all follow him in streams. Advertisers often sell the brand as the magic flute, a hypnotic force which makes people go to any lengths for that one fabled product. However, that magic is an illusion, and in the end it is the product experience that must hold its promise to win a place in the mind of the customer. However, the Tale of Hamelin gives a crucial insight.

While anyone can play the flute, it is the knowledge of the tune that makes a difference. In branding, this is a difference that surfaces when strategy leads creativity. To us, conceptualizing with creativity in mind is good, but conceptualizing with business in mind is vital. At Trizone, backed with research, experience and knowledge, we have devised our own approach to solving brand problems. We follow this approach before we begin working or suggesting any solution or idea, so your brand hits the right note every time.


At this stage, we gather as much information as possible. How does your product or service affect your customer? What makes it work? Why does it connect? A new product or service always needs identification of its different factors and elements. Understanding your current position, the market situation, the market perception you want to develop, as well as the issues and problems you face, we go into the minute details to gain a better insight into your needs and requirements.


Research plays a pivotal role in brand positioning and retaining it. Analysis of the information is critical to decode your strengths and weaknesses. It begins after a deep understanding and research of the market situation, brand history and assets, competition, and above all, the consumers’ frame of reference, beliefs and behaviour. At Trizone, we put utmost emphasis on research which helps us to conceptualise the brand communication strategy.


Tunnel vision and assumptions can lead to a ‘good result’, whereas we have proved that deeper thought and imagination delivers a ‘great result’ for your future marketing strategy. At Trizone, we provide clear, creative, and viable directions by mind mapping, brainstorming, and conjuring up something new. Our focus is on providing concepts that are formed on the basis of a sound strategy.


Engaging conversations that change brand perceptions, decoding a customer’s expectations and gaining clarity in communication requires a certain knack for getting the right rational and emotional ‘hooks’. While extensive research does help by providing knowledge, it is our intrinsic ability to analyse and apply that knowledge that gives us results. At Trizone, we talk, discuss, argue, and debate till we achieve a holistic outlook that gets the desired response.


Once the brand’s core values have been identified, we develop effective brand propositions. The brand proposition must be clearly understood, engaging, and presented in the right context for relevancy. These propositions form the cornerstone of all the solutions, from design to delivery, that satisfy the target audience’s current wants and needs. We create strategic concepts that are communicated via all relevant mediums to amplify the impact of your brand communication and prolong its recall value.


A brilliant branding or promotional activity is of no value for the customer unless implemented with precision. Be it a logo, a slogan, or a brand promise, it the brand experience that defines the success of a brand. When an experience fails to satisfy the customer, the brand will fail. We, at Trizone, not only conceptualise creative solutions but also map out the most effective means of execution. From ideas to implementation, we create and maintain that unique experience to create that valued preference.


Raising expectations and maintaining brand perceptions is not a one-time effort but a continuous process. As times change, needs evolve, and preferences vary, every brand needs to refresh its communications to stay relevant as markets evolve. Smart marketers ensure their brands keep pace with these changes to remain relevant. Some do it well, while others become the target of stereotypical, run-of-the-mill tactics that hardly work. We, at Trizone, help and sustain brand communications throughout the year by replacing old ideas with new innovative ideas.

Our Work